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Hey all. I figured it was about time I wrote something here. So here goes. *ahem*

United Kingdom. 17. Male.

That's not personally identifible, that's just necessity.

I try to write when and where I can. And about anything I can. It's true, it's centred around love and relationships, but only because people and my relationships with them are the biggest thing in my life. That's cause I'm...


So religion crops up a bit. Especially if you read into a couple of the poems. Which I think we all should. It's good fun, and it usually gives something in return.

I used to think lots of poets were stupid, for wasting their efforts on poems aobut scenes (sunsets, spring etc.), rather than emotions. I thought this because I want poetry to help people by making them either think, or by it healing them: I want to express everything in my life in the hope that at least one person can say "Phew, at last, someones been through what I've been through". Cause it helps.

But I realised there are far greater things in life now than just that. Sometimes a scene forces us to think, gives us space to deal with ourselves and help ourselves. So it deserves just as much credit. For me, now I've recently begun "scene-writing", it's all about the emotions and feelings contained in that place. And just as I think people can relate emotions in poetry to themselves, I now hope people can take it to the next 'mental plane'; and relate places and scenes to themselves, and the emotions they felt there.

Other stuff I've written about includes terrorism, my own life and the narrow-mindedness or, perhaps to put it a better way, perhaps not, the ingorance - no, thats not it... the unawareness of people sometimes. Unaware of what the world really is, but also, who they really are. And poets - along with all people in the media arena (but particularly the creators - poets, musicians, painters, writers etc.) - seem too unaware of the power and sway they have.

Have I said to much? Maybe I should have erred on the side of a cryptic explanation of me. Maybe to some it is. Whatever; that's me, and that's how I see it all. The Lost Network

Thanks for reading. Here's the reason why I'm here:


My Empire, Your Works

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A Sequel.? (You, Her and Our Empire)

(Sorry for all the titles I've used that you guys had already put to such good use, sorry, I hadn't realised!)

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Human Power
Fake Tan
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You're not who you think I am
Inner Warmth
Valentine's Day
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Our Empire

Braving the Cold
Tears of Years



Perfection is so perspective-based
I’m perfect
Just none of you have the perspective to see it.


Arrogance is Bliss
Because you get to ignore the facts.

The fact that you’re not what you think you are
Nor who you really are,

And that without that arrogance;
You could go twice as far.

Music (22/11/06)

The lilting laughter
Of a thousand notes
On a thousand strings
Of humankind

It reaches out to you
And grabs you
Swirls you
Twirls you

And when you feet leave the ground
With your head in the clouds
It hits you:


Human power is defined by there being death where once life stood.
At times when we don't belong,
Times when we would rather die than stay bound to such a mortal meagreness,
We excise this power upon ourselves.

Maybe such a decision binds its roots in the human condition,
Together with the fear and regret of our own extinction.
But what does it mean to regret
If we want that decision:


Minor Poems

Untitled [Effects]

“Argh!”, he screamed,
Thinking in rhyme,
“Maybe it’s time
I gave up the wine”.


“Bit late for that now”
He thought to himself
As she walked out
With somebody else.

*** ***

The Light (31/10/06)

That glimmer
In the corner of my eye…
Is it the end?
Am I about to die?

Wipe away all the tears
Hide all my loves
And show no last minute fears.

It was no so.
Yet strangely now
I don’t want to go.

That glimmer
In the corner of my eye.
It was God’s angel
Coming to my side.