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Welcome to the IPL's Teen Poetry Wiki!

Image:Notebook.jpg This is YOUR place.

If you're looking to write some poetry or just read some, you're in the right place. In order to submit your first poem or response, you need to be a member. To become a member, please complete our join this wiki form. A free registration gets you your own wiki page; to view it, just click your screenname in the upper corner of your internet browser. To see others' pages, click here: Special:Listusers , or type into the address bar of your internet browser. Links in blue have content.

(We ask that you keep your posts ANONYMOUS - you can do this by using your screenname or 4 tildes (~): We also ask that you do NOT post your/others' real name, e-mail address, snail mail address, etc. We will remove this information, and you will be suspended from using the wiki.)



See what has inspired others or share any advice you have on anything to do with writing poetry on our Inspiration page.

Also, check out the TeenSpace Poetry links.


Word Play

Find and try new experiments with language.


Open Mic

Your internet coffee house- the stage is yours and everyone will listen!

Download your work at the Open Mic wiki and post responses to other's work you enjoy or connect with.

Editing Note

We have to edit out stereotyping, swearing, hate poems, etc., so if your poem/response contains these, you'll have to revise or expect not to see it on our site.