The Audience

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To see the responses to a poem, go to that poem's page (on The Mic, Your WordPlay, or Today's Exquisite Corpse) and click the "discussion" link.

If you read something that you really like or makes sense to you in profound and/or interesting ways, PLEASE become a registered member by clicking the Join this wiki link to the left.

Once you have a username and password, you can click the "discussion" link on any poem submitted here and leave your response.


Every writer is happy to get feedback from their peers. Let them know you've read their work by starting out each response with at least one positive comment on their poem's "discussion" page. Here are some questions which might help you get your response started, though you are not restricted to these:

  1. What words or phrases did you particularly like?
  2. Did you like the writer's use of imagery or sound (read the poem out loud or have a friend read it to really hear it)?
  3. Did you connect with the emotion?
  4. Have you been in similar circumstances? What was different or unique about the way the writer portrayed their experience here?

You don't have to write a lot but try to get a sentence or two down regarding your understanding of the poem. If writing the response inspires you to write your own poem, go ahead and enter a creative response on The Mic page.