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You were first
And my last for so long.
That childhood sweetheart
Could never get far.

You were my cure
And my life’s refresh
The mirror of me
Understood everything I’ll be

You were the surprise
The old friend
Refreshed by love anew.
A memory of so much
Where I learnt what not to do.

You were the reminder
Of what admiration should be
A love of an friend
A new challenge for me

You are the now
That one where I meet
My obsession

My lust
My love

All in one
A package
Of everything we should be
Yet to be on here
You’re the one that surprises me.

You’re the loves
Written down in words
Characterised by figures
To detach myself from your pain
And the truth
I love you all the same

The Vagabond 11:28, 1 December 2006 (EST)