Sample Paradox Poem

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Like two scorpions in a jar

Waiting for the other to turn its back

So the attack can begin

Like referees

Watching each other move the other makes

Then blowing a whistle on the defender

For the parents

Yet, they are an actor and an actress

For when one is in pain

The other feels the grief too

-by Tina Hines1

Mother Says

Mother says

"Say hello"

"Be polite"

"Be nice"

"Be friendly"

"Say thank you"

"Speak when you are spoken to"

"Say bye-bye"

A child grows up


Grown-ups are




Mother says

"Don't talk to strangers"

"Don't be polite

"Don't be friendly"

"Don't do as you are told"

"Don't speak when you are spoken to"

"Say bye-bye"

"And run!"

-by Gregg Loo1

  1. Tsujimoto, J. (1988). Teaching poetry writing to adolescents. ERIC Clearinghouse on Reading and Communication Skills, National Council of Teachers of English: Urbana, IL.